Sales FAQ

Do you accept trade-ins? - Yes, definitely. Most of our used vehicle inventory comes from local trades. We are competitive to the market for pricing and will look at your vehicle while you explore our inventory. We will actually take multiple vehicles in on trade.

What is the phone number for OnStar? - 1-888-4-ONSTAR

Do you rent vehicles? - Sorry, we do not.

Can I lease a vehicle if I drive more than 15,000 miles per year? - Yes, leases are a great option especially with the rising cost of new vehicles. Leasing can certainly be a better option for those who drive less than 20,000 miles per year.

I leased a vehicle and now have had a major change in my life and need a different vehicle, can I get out of my lease early? - Yes, the situation isn't any different than if you purchase the car. You will just pay the leasing company off vs paying off the bank or credit union.

Does Lynch Ford Chevrolet participate in plan pricing such as X-Plan, A-Plan, Z-Plan, Employee Pricing or Supplier Pricing? - Yes we do.

Do you buy used vehicles? - Yes we do. We are competitive to the market for pricing and will look at your vehicle and provide you with a fair market value. 


Service FAQ

Can the Quick Lane perform warranty or recall work? - No, only certified technicians can do your warranty work.

What is the phone number for Ford Road Side Assistance? - 1-800-241-3673

What is the phone number for GM Road Side Assistance? - 1-800-243-8872

What is the difference between the Quick Lane and the Service Department? - The Quick Lane is for light maintenance and oil changes, the service department is for more advanced repairs and warranty work. 

Can you perform warranty work on competitive makes? - Only the franchised dealers can perform warranty work on their vehicles.

Can I make an appointment for an oil change? - There is no appointment needed for an oil change, however if you would like to make one we would be happy to schedule you an appointment.

How often should I bring in my car for service? - We recommend every 5 months or 5,000 miles.

How do I know when I need an oil change? - We provide a window sticker as a reminder at every service, however most late model vehicles are equipped with an oil life monitor as well.

Do you service motorhomes? - Sorry we do not.

Can I burn E85 ethanol blend in my car? - Check your owner's manual, but typically the vehicle is marked as FFV or flexible fuel vehicle on the outside or it will have a yellow gas cap.

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