Vehicle Protection


How to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Better Longer

After purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle we recommend protecting your investment by applying the following protections to shield your vehicle from the elements.



Undercoating is applied to the wheel wells, floor boards, and underneath the vehicle to protect exposed sheet metal from the elements and to lock out corrosion. It also provides an additional sound barrier to muffle road and/or tire noise.


Rust Proofing

Rust Proofing is applied inside the body panels such as door, hood, tailgate/trunk to prevent rust from starting on the inside and bubbling through to the outside. Our process does not involve drilling access holes to apply rust proofing to the vehicle. 


Interior Protection

Fabric - A protective barrier is applied to all surfaces to prevent spills or stains from setting in to the fabric. Helps provide protection from:

• Fast Food Stains

• Child and pet mishaps 

Leather - Warranty coverage against fading, cracking, and discoloration, mold and mildew, caused by:

• The sun's harmful U.V. rays 

• Everyday Fast Food Stains

• Child and pet mishaps


Paint Protection

Protective coating is buffed into the clear coat to help maintain the showroom shine. This coating protects your finish from:

Etching caused by bird droppings and acid rain

Fading and chalking damage caused by tree sap, road salt, ocean spray and U.V. rays



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